dr. Erlynda Taufik

Medical Check Up
Erlynda Taufik

Medical Qualifications/Experience:

  • December 2002-June 2003 International SOS Jakarta, Indonesia Occupational Health Doctor: • Responsible to Chief Medical Officer of Global Medical Services (GMS) Department. • To manage daily operations of SOS GMS staff Occupational Health and vaccination program. • To coordinate reporting from sites, analysis of reports (including daily log book), management review, feedback of performance to clients and site staff with advice on corrective action as necessary. • To perform high quality medical history and physical exams for Occupational Health projects. • Responsible for coordination of site/ project activities (relates to Occupational Health projects). • To assist in planning and preparation for each location (Medical type, database set-up, data entry, analysis of investiuations, certification of medical results and preparation of individual and summary reports), and to explain their individual Medical Check-Up results. • To follow treatment and vaccination guidelines for TB and Typhoid, or other illnesses as specified in the project scope of work. • To support training activities for other training programs as requested by the GMS Chief Medical Officer. • Special Tasks: to travel to G%IS sites in Indonesia to support the project needs (either for locum or audit roles). This may include reporting findings and recommendation.
  • 999-2002 Puskesmas Kebun Kopi Dati 11 Kota Jambi, Propinsi Jambi, Indonesia Head of Puskesmas Outpatient Services: • Responsible to Puskesmas Chief, under-coordinate of the chief of the local Indonesian Health Department. • To manage daily operation of the Outpatient Services.

Medical Education:

  • 1995 – 1998 Faculty of Medicine, University of Yarsi, Jakarta, Indonesia Medical Doctor Profession Degree
    National Examination: Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 1989 – 1994 University of Yarsi, Jakarta, Indonesia
    Degree in Medicine
    Minithesis to obtain Medical Degree: Papaya Leaves as Medicine, Considered from Medical and Islam Point of View.

Professional Memberships:

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