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Career - Premier Bintaro Hospital



The success of Premier Bintaro Hospital was a result of good teamwork of all staffs in the hospital including doctors, nurses and other staffs who have high loyalty and dedication to give the best and qualified services to the patient.

The hospital has 664 staffs, comprise of: 295 nurses, 137 ancillary services staffs and 192 non medical staffs. We have also 17 Full-time Specialist Doctors and 90 Part-time Specialist Doctors.

Realizing the challenge and competition in the future will require qualified human resources, quality improvement of our human resources is becoming our focus. We do a lot of programs to improve competency of our doctors, nurses and other staffs according to the latest practices. Premier Bintaro hospital always gives a chance to the doctors and nurses to improve their knowledge and skills. What we have been doing aim to give more professional services to the patient and at the end we can deliver a qualified healthcare services according to the latest technology and customer needs.

Vacancies at Premier Bintaro Hospital

NOT AVAILABLE at the time.

In order to demonstrate our commitment to provide quality services focusing on patients’ safety, on January 15 Bintaro Premier Hospital has successfully attained international accreditation from JCI (Joint Commission International) which is an International accrediting board and part of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organization (JCAHO-USA). The JCI survey, which was held on January 11-14, has produced a satisfactory result.

The achievement, which is a significant leap for Bintaro Premier Hospital, is undoubtedly not the end of the journey towards International level quality service but rather a beginning step of the efforts to maintain continuous service improvement.

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