JCI (Joint Commission International) Accreditation

Hospitals are required strive to provide the best health care open to the public. Hospitals, such as RS Premier Bintaro, are expected to have quality facilities with experienced doctors, complete medicines and sophisticated medical equipment.

The question, however, is, what benchmarks can be used as a reference to determine that a hospital has the best service? Hitherto the majority of Indonesian people look to hospitals in neighboring countries rather than hospitals in their own country.

The Indonesian government has implemented a quality standard for hospital services and has divided it into a number of categories. There is also a kind of ISO award for hospitals. However, it would be better if we follow other standards such as JCI to improve the quality of our health services.

Joint Commission International (JCI) is the recognised leader in international health care accreditation, For more than 50 years the Joint Commission has dedicated itself to improving the quality and safety of healthcare. In collaboration with its stakeholders JCI’s mission is to improve the quality of health itself continuously for the public, evaluate health care organizations, as well as to provide inspiration in improving the delivery of safe, effective and high quality service.

Of the thousands of hospitals in Indonesia, only a few hospitals have managed to obtain accreditation from JCI. Premier Bintaro attained JCI accreditation on 15 January 2011 and is the first hospital in Indonesia that uses the latest standard (4th edition 2011). RS Premier Bintaro managed to regain Triennial,or reaccreditation, in early 2014. The success of this award-winning has increasingly demonstrated the credibility of RSPB known as a hospital focusing on quality and patient safety.

By meeting the requirements of this JCI, many benefits are obtained: Doctors became more communicative, documentation and accuracy of patients from admission to treatment and finally out-patient the services and hospital infrastructure is improving and is well maintained.

RS Premier Bintaro’s success in reaching the International Accreditation from JCI is the result of hard work by hospital personnel ranging from doctors, nurses and non-medical staff who have the loyalty and dedication towards improving the quality of service to an international standard. The achievement of which is a significant leap for the RSPB, but this is certainly not the end of the journey. It is the first step in the continuous improvement of quality service in line with the international standards of quality services.