Located in Bintaro Jaya the RS Premier Bintaro hospital building is integrated, uniquely designed and covers an area of 12000 m2. It started operations on 12 October 1998 under the name International Hospital Bintaro and by August 12, 2010 International RS Bintaro was renamed RS PREMIER BINTARO. The hospital name change was done to comply with applicable laws and regulations of Indonesia World Class Hospitals. RS Premier Bintaro is part of the Ramsay Health Care Group, Australia’s largest private hospital group and has more than 100 hospitals and day surgery facilities in Australia, Britain, France and Indonesia.

In a period of over 16 years of operating the RSPB various excellent service facilities have been developed in line with the rapid development of science and medical technology. Since 1998, Hospital Premier Bintaro has recognized expertise in the field of orthopedic services. Orthopaedic problems are dealt extensively with the support of orthopedic specialists from various sub-specialties, ranging from Spine Surgery, Hip and Knee Surgery, Hand Surgery, to sport orthopaedic surgery.

One featured facility/service of RSPB is the Ramsay Spine Center and to address all spinal problems and supported by a team of various specialist fields (specialist spine surgery, neurology specialists and sub neurophysiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, and specialist radiology).

Another superior service we have is a Vascular Centre which can solve problems related to the body’s network of blood vessels. The presence of these excellent services make it easy for people to obtain comprehensive and integrated services, ranging from screening, medicinal therapy, surgical and non-surgical treatment according to the needs of the patient. Our team of specialist physicians are some of the best vascular surgeons and have a high dedication in the treatment of vascular disorders. This makes Vascular Center RS Premier Bintaro the primary choice and a national reference for people in need.

As part of the Ramsay Health Care organization, RSPB strives to improve the quality of service in all areas on a continual basis. It is our responsibility and commitment to promote our quality health care and clarify the services that RS Premier Bintaro seeks to provide:better health care in comparison with existing health services in Indonesia.

RS Premier Bintaro is also committed to always seeking the success of clinical, patient safety, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement over time and in accordance with technological developments and customer needs.

This commitment is demonstrated by the success of RS Premier Bintaro winning the International Accreditation from JCI (Joint Commission International), an accreditation body which is part of the Joint Commission International Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO-USA). Bintaro Premier Hospital is the first hospital in Indonesia that uses the latest JCI accreditation standards (fourth edition).

The success of RS Premier Bintaro in achieving this International Accreditation from JCI is the result of hard work by hospital personnel ranging from doctors, nurses and non-medical staff. These people have the loyalty and dedication in improving the quality of service to an international standard. The achievement is a significant leap for the RSPB and certainly not the end of the journey for our international standard of quality services.This is a first step of improving a quality service.

Our philosophy: “People Caring for People” is not a mere slogan, but a commitment to relentlessly improving the quality; commitment to international health care and commitment to the consistent development of human resources. “People Caring for People“– a commitment that makes our service different from the others.