The success that has been achieved RS Premier Bintaro is the result of teamwork and staff and must not be separated from the support of all levels of hospital personnel ranging from doctors, nurses and non-medical staff who have the loyalty and dedication that is high enough to always provide the best service and quality.

Its human resources currently amounts to 717 employees with the number of 351 nurses, 174 medical support staff as well as 192 non-medical support staff. We also have 22 full-time specialist doctors and 103 part-time specialists.

Realizing the challenges and intense competition for the future need for qualified human resources, the improvement of the quality of human resources has always been a priority concern RSPB. Various attempts have been made in order to improve the competence of the doctors, nurses and other hospital staff in accordance with the latest scientific developments.

Knowledge and skills honed and RSPB give maximum opportunity to the doctors and nurses to improve their knowledge and skills. Everything for a more professional service to customers and in turn can realize quality health care in accordance with technological developments and customer needs.