Centre Of Excellent

Other than the basic medical services, we also have several Center of Excellence facilities that follow the latest fast-track developments of medical science and technology.

ORTHOPAEDIC CENTER & VASCULAR CENTER are Our Center of Excellence that are present and ready to cater to the community’s need for comprehensive, quality medical services.


Since 1998, Premier Bintaro Hospital has been recognized for expertise in orthopedic services. Here, all orthopedic issues are handled jointly, with the support of various orthopedic specialist doctors from various sub-specializations, starting from spinal surgery, hip & knee surgery, hand surgery, to sport orthopedic surgery.

  • One of our Premium Services in orthopedics is the Spine Center. Since its establishment in 2007, it has specialized in the treatment of Spine Problems in an integrated and comprehensive manner, with the support of a team of doctors from various specialties. The involvement of these various disciplines is highly important in determining the correct diagnoses and therapies, so that the quality of life of the person with spinal problems can be improved.
  • The spinal problems that we handle include various backbone pains, spinal abnormalities such as scoliosis, spinal trauma, and problems caused by spinal abnormalities.
  • The Spine Center services include both operative and non-operative methods using the active rehabilitation program known as DBC (Documentation-Based Care).
  • Any decision made concerning post or non-operative therapies is made by the Spine Center Integrated Team after thorough analysis.
  • Patients frequently worry about the unexpected risks of any operation being performed. Using minimally invasive surgical techniques, all possible risks are minimized, and healing can occur faster. Another of the latest technologies that we have to support the smoothness of all spinal operations is the Intra-Operative Nerve Monitoring (IONM). Using this equipment, the function of the patient’s nerves can be monitored during the operation, so that post-operation complications can be prevented.
  • In view of the complexity of the network of nerves in the hands, all problems should be handled correctly. Incorrect treatment might cause degenerative function of the hands for example.
  • To fullfill the community’s need of proper treatment of injuries to the hands, we provide a special facility just for the treatment of hand injuries. Supported by hand surgeon specialists and physical rehabilitation doctors, and the support of the latest technology, we can perform various complex micro operations.
  • After the operation, an equally important stage, is for the patient to follow the re¬ha¬bi¬li¬ta¬tion therapy/program properly, in order to regain normal function of the hands.
  • Another orthopedic service that we have developed is the integrated osteoarthritis treatment facility. Osteoarthritis is the thinning of the joint cartiledge.
  • When osteoathritis is in a late stage, medication is not enough. The treatment that must be taken is arthroplasty, or knee or hip joint replacement. This is the best therapy for late-stage osteoarthritis. This treatment that aim is to replace damaged joints with an artificial joint, is handled by specialist hip & knee surgeons.
  • Premier Bintaro Hospital has a comprehensive facility for arthroplasty to cover any level of severity. So far, we managed to perform Hip & Knee surgeries sucessfully .
  • Another facility, also present, for treatment relating to sports activities is the Sports Clinic. With the support of sport medicine doctor, sport orthopedic surgeons, and physical rehabilitation doctors, sports injuries can be treated comprehensively.
  • Special cases, such as sport related injury , must be handled through operation. The procedure technique may require arthroscopy using minimally invasive surgery. Compared with conventional open knee surgery procedure , recovery from knee Arthroscopy is much faster.
  • Since its launch in 2008, the Premier Bintaro Hospital Sports Clinic has cooperated with various sports centers, and has handled many professional athletes and recreational athletes as well.


Our blood vessels are vital to our health. They supply heart and body with everything that keeps you alive and gives us energy. Problems with our arteries and veins can be serious but are normally easily treated. Narrowing, obstruction, or breakage of blood vessel may occur in other blood vessel such us: peripheral veins in the arms, legs or even in abdominal aorta.

To meet the society’s needs for special treatment for blood vessel diseases, Premier Bintaro Hospital has launched Vascular Centre Services

Run by some of the country’s leading vascular specialists and using the latest techniques, Premier Bintaro Vascular Centre helps to prevent or treats and cures all major circulatory conditions including varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, aneurysms, poor circulation and thread veins. One of our excellent service is EVAR ( Endovascular Aneurysm Repair) procedure for treatment of abdominal aorta aneurysm

For us, the philosophy of “People Caring for People” is not a mere slogan. It is our com¬mit¬ment towards an unending increase of quality; our commitment towards international-level health services, and our consistent commitment towards human resource development. “People Caring for People” – the commitment that differentiates our services from the services of others.