Hand Clinic Rs Premier Bintaro

A hand is a tool to reach out and interact with the world. With one’s hand you can manipulate objects and the surrounding environment. The human hand is also very special because of its ability to perform fine movements that no other primates can.

It is the complexity of the hand anatomy that makes it very unique. In addition, because the size and structures in it are small, the hand is very delicate (subtle) by nature. Injuries that generally happen elsewhere on the limb without causing a serious problem cancause significant problems in the hand. That is why problemswith the hand require special attention and treatment.

In Indonesia, many hand injuries are caused by traffic and workplace accidents. Proper treatment is required to minimize consequences such as prolonged leave of absence and a reduction in work productivity.

In addition to accidents, many hand problems are caused by overuse (repetitive motion), sports injuries, congenital abnormalities, tumors, peripheral nerve compression, infection, metabolic diseases, auto-immune, and others.

Hand Surgery

Hand micro surgery is a branch of orthopedic surgery that specifically addresses issuesto the hand and upper limbs. These can be either in relation to bone and other soft tissue (nerves, blood vessels, skin, muscle and tendons). There are various kinds of therapies used to treat hand problems, ranging from conservative therapy(physiotherapy, medications, injections, plaster setting) to surgery.

Often the hand problem should be addressed using multi-disciplinary examination and treatmentto get good results. We collaborate with other disciplines such as rehabilitation, radiology, internal medicine or other.Cooperation and patient compliance was a factor that is important in optimizing the therapeutic results.

Our team of doctors at the Hand Clinic, Premier Bintaro Hospital is certified and experienced. With the cooperation of other related disciplines and facilities that support, we strive to give the best treatment to our patients