Sleep Clinic

Premier Bintaro Hospital’s Sleep Clinic is a facility designed specifically for studying disorders that occur during sleep. Examination at the Sleep Clinic begins with consultation and public examinations. Included are some physical examinations such as the shape of the jaw, a condition in the mouth, including the tongue, palate and tonsils.This is because there is a type of sleeping disorder that is caused by a physical disorder.

Sleep Study

After the consultation, there is monitoring of sleep at night. For that reason, patients need to stay overnight at the Sleep Clinic. Previously, monitoring tools were installed. Among others, include the detector to record the electrical activity of the brain, eyes, chin muscle, heart, measuring oxygen saturation, airflow, snoring recorder, and respiratory effort of the muscles of the chest and abdomen.

Various sleeping disorders can be detected, for example, if patients experience periods of stopped breathing during sleep, how many times it occurs, and in which position – back or side. To obtain a complete record of data a patient lies on a bed fitted with appliances for at least 6 hours. Next, the doctor will analyze all test results to determine the sleep quality of patients and types of sleep disorders experienced. This then becomes the basis for determining further treatment, such as oral surgery operations, the use of a particular tool or just lifestyle modification.

Handling of Sleep Disorders

Most sleep disorders can be improved by adopting good sleep, medication and behavior modification.

In certain circumstances such as OSA, specific therapy should be in the form of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure/CPAP Therapy (air given with a certain pressure through a mask) or upper airway surgery if medical treatment is not successful.

Because sleep disorders involves many factors, treatment at the Sleep Clinic also involves experts from several disciplines of medicine including ear, nose, and throat and lung specialist.

Examination of the quality of sleep is highly recommended for people who are suspected of having sleep disorders. This includes, people who have a habit of snoring, as well as those who do not wake up feeling refreshed and often sleepy during the day.