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Users of Mandiri Inhealth Gold and Silver Insurance (other than Diamond and Platinum), please pay attention to not selecting doctors in the following list, as they have not cooperated with Inhealth.
  1. Firdaus Saleh, Dr. Sp.U
  2. Audy Budiarti,dr.Sp.BP
  3. Bambang Sukmadi,dr.Sp.THT
  4. Nurman Ilyas,dr.Sp.B
  5. DR.dr.Rino Alvani Gani,dr.Sp.PD KGEH
  6. dr.Arman Mukhtar,dr.Sp.B.K Onk
  7. DR.dr.Luthfi Gatham,dr.Sp.OT K Spine
  8. dr.Andito Wibisono,dr.Sp.OT
Select the specialist you are going to, the doctor list and the related schedule will appear automatically afterwards.
3 + = 10